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Eric Kuby, Chief Investment Officer of North Star Investment Management, writes a weekly commentary on market and economic trends. Here is a sampling of recent commentary:

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Last Week: It was a turbulent week in what is developing into a volatile year in the stock market. In fact, we have already had more than three times as many days of 1% or more changes in the S&P 500 this year than we had in all of [...]

April 9th, 2018|

Overdue or Overdone

Last Week: A rally on Thursday capped off a volatile holiday-shortened week, and left the equity indices in the green, with the S&P 500 posting a 2.03% gain. Technology stocks drove most of the swings, as the debate raged between the the sector sell-off being “overdue” or “overdone”. Facebook [...]

April 2nd, 2018|

A Stormy Week

Last Week: It was quite stormy in Washington and on Wall Street, as it was the worst week for the stock market since January 2016, with the S&P 500 declining almost 6%. Early in the week it was the technology stocks that fared the worst, with the disclosure that [...]

March 26th, 2018|


Last Week: The glass was half-empty, as the rally that was ignited by the previous week’s release of the February Jobs report proved to be short lived, and the S&P 500 declined Monday through Thursday before bouncing on Friday to finish the week down 1.2%. A couple of weak [...]

March 19th, 2018|

Glass Half-Full Again

Last Week: Like following a well-written television series, one needs to watch all the previous episodes to appreciate the nuances of the plot twists in “Trumpworld” (no disrespect intended, the POTUS would probably like the title anyway). In August, rumors of Gary Cohn’s resignation roiled the markets. In February, [...]

March 12th, 2018|

The Headline Olympics

Last Week: It was the headline Olympics last week, with Putin, Mueller, Powell, and Trump competing for medals. Putin failed to make the podium, despite boasting of a new generation of “invincible” nuclear -capable Russians weapons. Mueller earned the bronze medal, with a flurry of recent activity, including expanding [...]

March 5th, 2018|
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