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Kuby’s Commentary

Eric Kuby, Chief Investment Officer of North Star Investment Management, writes a weekly commentary on market and economic trends.

Here is a sampling of recent commentary:

Dissonance and More Dispersion

Last Week The songs remained the same, with mega-cap momentum stocks blasting another round of “We Are the Champions,” while the small and mid-caps lamented in “When Will I Be Loved.” The dissonance between the economic data and the FOMC statement was as deafening as...

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Big 3 Stay Hot

Last Week Over the decades many championship basketball teams have been built on a “Big 3” superstars foundation. As Chicago sports fans we would highlight Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, of the 95-98 Bulls as a prime example although there have been other (less lovable)...

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Broadly Better

Last Week Following the pattern from the previous week, gains in a narrow band of mega-cap momentum stocks masked underlying weakness in the broader market on Tuesday to kick off the holiday-shortened trading week. The mood worsened on Wednesday as hawkish Fedspeak...

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Softer Below the Surface

Last Week On the surface, the stock market rally continued with the S&P 500 fractionally higher to cap on a five-week win streak, its longest such run since early February. However, peeling back the onion skin reveals weakness across all equities industry sectors...

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40,000 and Rising

Last Week Traders on the NYSE floor could don their Dow 40,000 hats as Wall Street enjoyed another record-breaking week. The most significant market-moving news came on Wednesday with the release of the consumer price index for April. The data showed an increase at a...

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May Flowers Following April Showers

Last Week The market rebound continued for the third straight week, erasing almost all of April's losses. Earnings season provided reason for optimism, as composite growth for the first quarter increased to +5.4% from +5.0% the previous week and the estimate of +3.4%...

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Nothing Else Matters

Last Week A pair of “magnificent” earnings reports, somewhat dovish Fedspeak, and soft jobs data combined to form a winning hand for Wall Street. Following volatile trading Monday through Thursday, a powerful rally on Friday moved all the equity markets out of the red...

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Correction, or No Correction

Last Week “Another Pullback” would have been a better title for our last commentary, rather than “Enter the Correction,” which proved premature as the market resumed its steady climb. In trader parlance, a “correction" is defined as a decline of 10%, and in this...

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Enter the Correction

Last Week The stock market remained under pressure, with the S&P 500 extending its losing streak to six consecutive trading days on Friday while posting its worst weekly performance in over a year. The decline moved the index into correction territory, down over...

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Stairway to a Sell-off

Last Week The “lady who is sure all that glitters is gold” and invests only in gold, was the sole happy camper on Wall Street, as the market posted its worst weekly performance since October. While gold historically has not been the most effective inflation hedge over...

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