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Kuby’s Commentary

Enter the Correction

Last Week The stock market remained under pressure, with the S&P 500 extending its losing streak to six consecutive trading days on Friday while posting its worst weekly performance in over a year. The decline moved the index into correction territory, down over...

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Stairway to a Sell-off

Last Week The “lady who is sure all that glitters is gold” and invests only in gold, was the sole happy camper on Wall Street, as the market posted its worst weekly performance since October. While gold historically has not been the most effective inflation hedge over...

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A Cruel Start to April

Last Week Although not referring to the stock market, the first line in the T.S. Eliot poem “The Waste Land” reads, “April is the cruelest month,” and thus far, those words are ringing true for investors. Indeed, the month kicked off with the worst weekly performance...

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Charging Forward

Last Week There were only bulls, no bears, lambs, or lions to be found on Wall Street in March, as the stock market came out as it came in, charging forward. The S&P 500 closed the holiday-shortened week at another record high, and the rally continued to broaden...

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Chips and No Dips

Last Week It was chips without any dips as the market snapped its two-week losing streak. The party started Monday anticipating the annual GTC conference hosted by Nvidia, Wall Street’s AI chip darling. The company did not disappoint investors with a highly upbeat...

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Not So Mad March Markets

  Last Week Stock market bulls breathed a sigh of relief as the market digested slightly hotter-than-expected CPI and PPI numbers on Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday, however, Quadruple Witching futures and options-related trading pushed prices lower to close the...

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Pretty, Pretty Good

Modestly Dovish The Fed is still talking (seemingly every day) about when it should cut rates, as the evidence shows that the economy is still holding steady. The suddenly not-so-magnificent Tesla had a bad day on Monday, and Nvidia finally had a bad day on Friday....

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Like a Bull

Sound Shape In weather parlance, March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. For the stock market, March came in like a bull! The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite closed at fresh record highs, primarily driven by tech stocks with a kiss from some...

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Chips and Dips

Last Week: Insatiable Demand We could call it another serving of chips and dips, with Nvidia providing the tasty chips and dips coming from continued Fed policy concerns. The markets were closed on Monday and treaded water on Tuesday and Wednesday. Still, the major...

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Just a Little Hot

Swooped In The inflation data was just hot enough to cool investors’ animal spirits, leading to a modest sell-off in both the stock and bond markets. On Tuesday, the CPI came in at +3.1% year-over-year versus the 2.9% consensus forecast. The equity markets sold off,...

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