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Kuby’s Commentary

Eric Kuby, Chief Investment Officer of North Star Investment Management, writes a weekly commentary on market and economic trends.

Here is a sampling of recent commentary:

Friday Strike Out

Bears Took Over Through Thursday’s close, the financial markets displayed solid resilience despite the looming threat of an autoworkers strike and a slightly hot producer price index (PPI) reading. Surging energy prices were responsible for a monthly rise of 0.7% in...

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Oily Apple Cart Slips and Tips

Disruptive Outcomes The markets responded negatively both to the good news of resilient U.S. economic data and to the unsettling geopolitical news. On the domestic front, the Services PMI® registered at 54.5 percent, a 1.8-percentage point increase compared to the...

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Taking It Easy

  Slow Ride The simple yet classic lyrics from Foghat’s “Slow Ride” tune encapsulate the lukewarm economic news last week that buoyed equity markets: (1) job openings at the lowest level since March 2021; (2) a decline in consumer confidence; (3) tame inflation...

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Chips and the Chairman

TINA Years Are Through Nvidia Inc (NVDA) had terrific earnings, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s remarks in Jackson Hole were unremarkable, and the market yawned. Semiconductor and other AI stocks rallied early in the week, but sold off following Nvidia’s...

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More or Less Messy

  Positive Light Stocks and bonds fell for the week as a combination of strong U.S. economic data and challenges in China unnerved the financial markets. The healthy domestic economic data drove interest rates higher, though bond prices stabilized on Friday. The...

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Bad Moody

  A Day Late & a Dollar Short The financial markets were in a “blue Moody” with stocks suffering early in the week following the rating agency’s downgrade on 10 regional banks, and bond prices slumping on Friday in response to a stronger-than-expected...

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Something is Rotten at Fitchmark

  Wild Ride It was a volatile week that finished with equity market index losses after Fitch downgraded its U.S. credit rating below the top AAA level; this launched U.S. Treasury yields on a wild ride that somewhat ironically narrowed the 10-year versus 2-year...

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Market Likes the End of Hikes

Monetary Policy and Midpoints The stock market continued to move higher, fueled by economic data that clearly contradicted the doomsday narrative promoted by the inflation and recession fear mongers. The Fed still raised interest rates by another 25 basis points on...

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Steady as She Goes

Unchanged and Uninspired There was certainly a lack of consistent direction and movement magnitude across major indices last week. The indexes certainly had mixed results, with the Nasdaq Composite shedding -0.6%, the S&P 500 rising 0.7%, and the Russell 2000...

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The Economic Hurricane that Dissipated

Inflation Cooling, Earnings Warming, and Sentiment Heating Up There are hundreds of songs that relate life’s “ups and downs” to the weather. Our favorites cover the spectrum from Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” to the Allman Brothers Band’s “Blue Skies”. Similarly, the...

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