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North Star Weekly Update 4.16.2020

Apr 16, 2020

Reminder regarding 1st Quarter Performance Reports:

We are suspending mail copies of this Quarter’s Performance Reports. If you would like to receive an electronic version of your report, please let us know. For those who receive these reports electronically, you will be receiving notification next week when they are posted to your portal. Monthly statements from your custodian will continue to be issued.


It has been said that people spend more time planning their vacation than planning their retirement. Since vacation planning might not be your main focus right now, perhaps this is a good time to think about financial issues and evaluate current and future goals appropriate to your situation. North Star has Certified Financial Planners and Insurance Professionals on staff that can help guide you through a wide range of topics, including:

General Financial Planning

  1. Retirement Projections – these will show you, based on various assumptions, how well you are positioned to retire, and what you can do to strengthen your position.
  2. Investment Analysis – see how your assets are allocated and understand how changes in markets might affect you.
  3. Risk Assessment – understand what your “risk number” is – how to invest so you are comfortable with the securities you choose.
  4. Socially Responsible Investing – learn how your portfolio scores against ESG investing (Environmental., Social, and Governance) guidelines, to assess the sustainability and societal impact of your investments.
  5. Estate Planning – IRAs cannot be “stretched” by beneficiaries anymore – all money must come out in 10 years. This might make you decide to change your strategy in leaving your wealth. Make sure your Will reflects your wishes. Check beneficiaries on retirement accounts. Be sure you have Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Assets. Remember digital assets – keep records so your executor knows where things are and can get to them.
  6. Insurance Review – assess the risks you take and decide how to mitigate those risks. Disability, Long Term Care, Homeowners and Auto, Term or Whole Life, Annuities, and Directors Insurance can be valuable safeguards. As your life changes, your risks change, and you should review your insurance annually to be sure you are covered for the risks with most potential cost. You also may no longer need some insurance you are holding.
  7. Budgeting – learn how to build a spending plan to ensure you spend less than you make.
  8. Debt Repayment – various resources can help you identify your debt, consolidate it, and help you create a plan to exit debt as soon as you can.
  9. Goal Setting – if you have a life-long goal, we can put this in your projections, and using “what if” scenarios, show you how you can achieve the goal – and if other changes need to be made or not.
  10. Social Security Claiming Strategies – be sure you understand your benefits and those of your spouse, and plan your claiming strategy to maximize your benefit.
  11. Medicare – once you are eligible, let us help you navigate the process.
  12. Avoid scammers – we’ve assisted clients in identifying scams and hackers, and shown them how to sidestep any involvement.

If you are interested in discussing any of the above, please contact us.

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